Atsuta Jingu is the strongest power spot in Nagoya!

Today I will introduce Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya.
This shrine has many endangered companies and small companies in wide precincts, both types of benefits and gods are the strongest power spots in Nagoya.
In the end, I will also introduce the power spot which can be said as a little secret as just a public in 2012.
So, I will write about the information of the shrine immediately.

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The power spot of Nagoya is decided in Atsuta Shrine!

Next to Tokyo and Osaka, Aichi prefecture Nagoya in the three biggest cities in Japan.
A delicious Nagoya gourmet is also good, such as “Himitsubushi” which can enjoy the taste of eel, “Chicken wings” which is addictive to the rich taste, but if you plan on going to Nagoya as much as you want, let’s also stay at the strongest power spot .
The power spot in Nagoya is Atsuta Shrine.

【Shrine information】
Address; 1-1 Shingu 1-1-1 Atsuta-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture 456-8585
Phone number; 052-671-4151
Worshiping time: 8: 30 ~ 17: 00
Parking lot; yes
Nearest station: 3 minutes on foot from Meitetsu Jingumae Station
Official website is here

Atsuta shrine near Nagoya station.
A spectacular torii that draws its eye on the inside of the city welcomes visitors.
One of Japan ‘s famous samurai, Nobunaga Oda, is the power spot of Nagoya Koichi, who is said to have visited pray for victory.

There are six gods enshrined in the shrine.

Atsuta no Ohkami (熱田大神/アツタノオオカミ)
Amaterasu Ohkami (天照大神/アマテラスオオカミ)
Susano no mikoto (素盞嗚尊/スサノオノミコト)
Yamato-Takeru no mikoto (日本武尊/ヤマトタケルノミコト)
Miyasu-Hime no Mikoto (宮簀媛命/ミヤスヒメノミコト)
Takeinadake no Mikoto (建稲種命(タケイナダケノミコト)

Benefits and benefits include “lucky Fukutoku”, “guardian”, “games and luck, upgrade fortune” and so on.
However, there are many parties in this precinct of the shrine, so there are many benefits such as “up love luck” and “prosperous business”.

Because I went to worship during the afternoon of “Sunday · Daian” which is considered to be a sunrise in Japan, there was a newlyweds many couple doing a Japanese style wedding called “Shinto ceremony”.
To visit slowly, you can settle down calmly if you go early in the morning.

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The origin of Nagoya’s strongest power spot is this! There are plenty of power at the end of the company too!

There are several brewers in a very large site
The benefits and power of all the end companies are amazing!
Today I will introduce three.

【Shimizu Sha】
This company that sits in the position behind the main hall.
Everyone calls “Shimizu-san”.
Shimizu’s benefits are pleasing to women “skin beautification effect”.
The reason is that there is a reason for spring water just behind the company.
If you wash your eyes with this spring water, your eyes will get better, and if you wash your skin it will be said to be a beautiful skin.
It is the benefit of Shimizu Corporation and it is still popular even now.

There is one small rock in the place where the spring water is present now.
It is said that your wish will come true if you sprinkle water on it with a ladle three times.
There is a rumor in this Koiwa.
It has the theory that “a part of the stone of Yang Qin ‘s grave is that Koiwa”.
Speaking of Yang Qin-young, he is one of the “three biggest girls in the world” everyone knows.
If that rumor is true, the benefits of “beautiful skin” seems to be quite strong.

【Kamichigama jinja shrine】

Next is “Kamichigama jinja shrine”.
It is outside the Otorii in Atsuta Shrine, but it is just next door.
If you go to Atsuta Shrine this shrine, we recommend you to drop by.
Because there are three spots I would like to visit in the precincts.

The first one is “Kamichigama jinja shrine”
It is said that there is a benefit such as “home safe” “business prosperity”, etc. On January 5 every year, a grand “first Ebisu” festival is held.

The second is “Ohkokunushi Sha”
This shrine in which the powerful powers are enshrined.
In Japan this god is called Daikoku and is familiar.
It is famous as “god of marriage” and “fulfillment of love”.
The rice gathered in Japan The power spot · the festival of Izumo Taisha Shrine is also the “big powers mortal”.

The third is “Betsugu Hakkengu”
Approximately 1,300 years ago, it was created by the imperial command of Emperor Motomu.
There is a record that this shrine is a famous Japanese samurai, “Oda nobunaga” and “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” engaged in repair.

It is unusual where the place to visit like this is condensed.
Atsuta Shrine Although it is a little away from the main shrine, the precincts of Kamogata shrine itself are
Because it is not very wide, it is a spot you would like to drop in even if you extend your legs!

【Ichinomisaki Shrine】

This company that sits near the real shrine of the main shrine.
It is a company like “Unexplored in the precinct” just opened to the public in 2012.
If you go straight to the west side of the main shrine, that company is quiet.
It is a quiet place where you can feel the “sacred air” really flows around your company.
Rather, going alone alone needs a bit of courage.
However, this shrine, which is said to have the strongest power in Atsuta Shrine, is a spot you want to come close to when you go visit Atsuta Shrine.

This shrine is filled with the desolation of Amaterasu Ogami which is the highest among many Japanese gods.
The worshiping time is decided as 9 o’clock – 16 o’clock.
Photographing is prohibited here.

Atsuta Shrine Palace Summary

· The god of deity is the main palace god pillar
· Benefit is fortunetelling Fukutoku, guardian, match-up and fortune up
· There is a benefit of beautiful skin effect Shimizu Sha
· Suspicion with benefits of domestic safety and prosperous business is Kamichigama jinja shrine
· The desolation of Amaterasu Ogami is served at the Ichinobu God of Shrine just opened to the public in 2012

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