Kakita River Park spring group is too beautiful! The Japanese do not know much about this unexplored area!

Today I will introduce the spots where you can enjoy a very beautiful landscape from Shizuoka Prefecture where there are many power spots.
“Kakita River Park” that you can see the crystal clear natural spring water of Mt. Fuji.
It is watched as a very beautiful spring water, and forgetting about time is forgotten.
I will quickly summarize the information on Kakita River Park and its spring water.

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Kakita River Park in Shizuoka Prefecture is a power spot of natural spring water!

Today I will introduce the power spot of a well-known well-known place for Japanese people.
Shizuoka prefecture with many sights such as Izu and Atami.
Actually, there are lots of beautiful scenery, well-known tourist spot.
Among them, I will introduce ‘Kakita River Park’ close to Numazu today.

【Park information】
Address; 71 – 7 Fushimi Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 411-0907
Phone number; 055-981-8224
Opening hours: 24 hours
Parking lot; yes
Nearest station; Numazu climb Tokai bus Kakita River springs park front stop 1 minute walk
Here is the official HP

When you run the car for about 10 minutes from the Tomei Expressway, Numazu IC, there is Kakita River Park to introduce today.
Access is very good as it is a park along national highway No. 1.
However, when driving a car by yourself, care is necessary because the flow of the car running anyway is fast, so it will pass by when entering the parking lot.

Inside the Kakita River Park is the “Kakita River spring spring group” and you can see some spring water.
Every spring water is very beautiful, but the “second viewing stand” is “there is too beautiful spring water” among them.
Here is a picture of spring water seen from the second observation platform.

An observation stand is made in such a way as to look into it about 1 meter above.
The moment you look into it from the observation deck, you will be overwhelmed by the deep, deep and clear water of spring water.
Because the transparency of spring water is high, water mirrors objects like a mirror.

The surrounding trees, sky color.
Several colors are reflected on the surface of the water and overlap with colors such as algae and rocks in the water.
To make it overlap, the gleaming reflectance of the water makes this landscape unique and unique.
Of course, because it is spring water, you can see where water always springs from the bottom of the water.
As water springs up, movement is born on the surface of the water, and sparkling reflections are born.

To the universal movement, the surface of the same pattern that never visits again.
After all, I forget to forget the flow of time.
It is “the water mirror itself woven by nature” together with shape and color, and when you look into it from the 2nd observation stand, it is likely to be inhaled really.

Negative ions from plenty of trees and boiling water with mysterious color and transparency.
It is no doubt that you will be able to get great power from nature simply by standing at that place.
The spring water is very beautiful, but in fact the Japanese do not know much about this place.
Because it is not a famous sightseeing spot.

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Why do not Japanese know Kakita River Park?

The site of Kakita River Park is unexpectedly wide, and access is not bad.
In addition to the beautiful spring and spring shrine, there is also a small shrine in the park.
It is a place that can be reached in about two hours if you use the expressway from Tokyo, why do not Japanese come to see this beautiful scenery?

There was an unexpected truth hidden there.

It is not administrative office that manages this spring water group, because volunteers of neighboring residents unite and this beautiful scenery is preserved.
Regional inhabitants know that administrative intervention is better for cost conservation and promotion, both in terms of cost and propaganda effect.

However, as administrative authorities managed this park and PR so that many visitors come to visit,
I am worried that the number of tourists will increase too much and I will be unable to protect this scenery.
The local residents bought the land of the park little by little in order to preserve this beautiful scenery beautifully without destroying the original natural form.
By making the land of this park into the land of the local residents of the volunteer group, it prevents over-priced tourism landscaping and excessive PR.
The intention of the local residents is spun, leaving the original nature in a more natural form and inheriting it.

Over the years I kept defending this nature, supporting the spring springs of Kakita River Park where the constant efforts and strong feelings of the inhabited local residents are now.

That is why it was a hidden power spot that Japanese people could not even know.

Kakita River Park where you can feel the power of nature on a very beautiful scenery.
I personally want to spread that Japan has such a beautiful scenery.
However, it is against the fact that many people visit this place and the nature of Kakida River Park will be destroyed.
In order for this spring spring group to remain as a secret, it is important for each tourist visited there to know the feelings of local residents.
And when you visit this park, I hope you enjoy this beautiful scenery as one who visited to protect the nature of this park, not the concept of one of the tourists.

I think that the thought is further spun and the unexplored area will continue.

This time it is the second observation platform, but there are also a first observation platform and a bridge that can walk in the immediate vicinity of spring spring paddy fields.
Beautiful scenery spreads everywhere.
If the weather is okay, you can see the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji.

This picture reflected the place called “Aki” from the observation stand about 4 meters above.
You can see where the water is boiling and where the Kakita River actually flows.
There is no color like cobalt blue seen from the 2nd observation platform, but you can still see beautiful spring water that is clear as usual.
The charm of this place is nearby and you can see where the spring water is coming out.
Because it is built in shallow water, even a small child can enjoy spring water in peace with confidence.

Kakida River Park is a beautiful scenery in the garden.
The air is also clear and healed heartily.
Please drop by when you go to Shizuoka!
There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the beauty of spring water.

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