What’s OMIKUJI? Words from God of Japan!

When you go to the shrine temples and temples, visit them, give a red stamp and a talisman at the awards place, and do not draw OMIKUJI as luck as the last pleasure?
I am also a favorite OMIKUJI, do you know the order of the formal kin but?
So I would like to introduce the basic knowledge of OMIKUJI this time.

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The order of OMIKUJI is different for every shrine! Ranking of good luck and bad luck is this!

The definition of OMIKUJI in the Japanese tradition is,
“Act of grasping precincts precisely by drawing lots in front of God” refers to things.
Even if you say OMIKUJI in a word, you can see that it is a neat “shrine”.

Then, how about saying the order of fortune?
The best is “Daikichi”, the worst is “Kyou” !
Have you decided on your own merits for good or bad luck if you draw an OMIKUJI?
Do you all know how many kinds of fortune are written in OMIKUJI?

Regarding the type of OMIKUJI, there seems to be many places expressing good luck with seven kinds of fortune generally.
Although there are breakdowns and order of the seven types, it is two patterns, mainstream one.

Daikichi(大吉)> Kichi(吉)> Chuukichi(中吉)> Shoukichi(小吉)> Suekichi(末吉)> Kyou(凶)> Daikyou(大凶)

Daikichi(大吉)> Chuukichi(中吉)> Shoukichi(小吉)> Kichi(吉)> Suekichi(末吉)> Kyou(凶)> Daikyou(大凶)

There seems to be many Omikuji using the order of these two patterns and kinds.
Even though it is told, I am pulling out Omikuji for luck
It is troubled if its “luck” order is wrong.
However, since this type and order are not unification of shrines and temples across the country
Depending on the location, fortunes and orders of types not written often go around.
Just knowing it as basic knowledge, you may change how you enjoy subtracting OMIKUJI from now on!

Even saying “OMIKUJI” in a word is not just the seven kinds of fortunes that you all know.
Jounanguu-shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

This shrine is a big shrine in Kyoto, but the fortune of OMIKUJI is a bit difficult.
It is not myself that I pulled it, my sister.

The fortune that came out was “吉凶交々”.
Can not read!
It is OMIKUJI wanting to say, but this fortune is “Kikkyoko-Komogomo”

Since my sister tied without taking a picture, I searched for photos on Twitter.

My sister drew the same “OMIKUJI” like this.
I have never seen my parents, it is an illusion of OMIKUJI.

As a meaning of this fortune,
「Good things (Kichi【吉】) and bad things (Kyou【凶】) come both」
It was a fortune called.
As expected it is hard to incorporate this fortune in the order I wrote earlier.
However, it may be the impatience of OMIKUJI, which seems to be Japanese.

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